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Accessibility / Accommodation Services

We make every effort possible to provide the best experience for all of our patrons. 

  • Clearly designate that you require ADA/Accessible services on your order form.
  • We schedule services after payment.  
  • Students requiring special seating and accommodations will be on the orchestra level. 
  • We request that all disruptive patrons go into the lobby or our lower lounge with a chaperone to cool down, watch the show on closed-circuit television, get a drink or snack, and then return to their seat when they are ready. 


Popejoy Hall has wheelchair and companion seating on the orchestral level. We also have aisle transfer seats for those who can get out of their assisted device and those with other mobility issues. At least one chaperone and a friend or two will be seated with the patron requiring assistance. We cannot guarantee that they will be seated with their entire class. 

Deaf and Hard of Hearing

In order to request a signed performance, please contact UNM Ticketing Services at (505) 277-6746 a minimum of two weeks prior to the performance. Students, chaperones, and sign language interpreters will be seated orchestra right in pre-approved seating with special lighting and seats for the interpreters. 

Sensory-Friendly Performances 

These designated performances allow classrooms and families with children on the autism spectrum or with other sensory sensitivities to enjoy live entertainment in a safe and welcoming environment. 

Before the show we will:

  • email the “Guide to A Successful Field Trip” in which you may download “A Social Narrative” and a check list “A Day at Popejoy” to prepare for your visit.
At the show we will:
  • soften the sound and the house lights will dim but stay on;
  • relax expectations around noise and moving around;
  • have a “count-down” clock near the stage marking how much longer remains in the show; 
  • provide a cool-down area with closed-circuit feed from the show located down the central stairs in the lower lobby.
We always have:
  • staff and volunteers available to assist you during your visit; 
  • family restrooms off the lower lobby.

See House Policies for more information.

For questions regarding special needs seating at the Schooltime Series, call us at 505-277-3172.

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