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Buying Tickets

Ticketing, Order Forms, and Accommodation Requests

This program is specifically designed as a field-trip opportunity for youth. Therefore, only adults serving as chaperones are eligible to attend Schooltime performances.

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You will be able to select shows and times during the purchasing process.
Before proceeding, please carefully read the Ticket Policies & Procedures below. Note that all orders must be made online.

Ticket Policies & Procedures

Schooltime stage

Please review the following instructions carefully before making your purchase.

  • During the process, select the time of the performance you wish to attend. (It is not automatic.)
  • Reservations may be made for orders of 21 tickets or more per show.
  • All tickets are $3.00 until five weeks before the show. After that, any available seats cost $5.00.
  • Everyone, regardless of age, must have a ticket (sorry, no lap passes).
  • All orders of 1-20 tickets per show are paid at the time of the order.
  • Reservation payment is due about five weeks before the show. These due dates are listed with the descriptions on each show's page.
  • NOTE: We do not have waiting lists. However, as seats open (especially after the payment due date) they will be available for purchase online. We regularly post ticket availability updates on our Facebook page.
  • We accept credit cards and checks for payment, but not purchase orders. Mail checks to:

Popejoy Schooltime Series, Popejoy Hall, Center for the Arts

MSC 042580, 1 University of New Mexico

Albuquerque, New Mexico, 87131-0001

  • Make sure all information is completely filled out on your order form. A delay in processing could cost you your seats.
  • If you are making a reservation, the first email you receive will be a confirmation that the order has gone through. It does not mean you have the tickets.
  • Orders are not complete until paid and all sales are final.
  • Call 505-277-6746 or e-mail Chris at [email protected] for ticketing and form questions.
  • For updates on ticket availability visit

Tickets for Title I Schools


Free to eligible APS schools by application and lottery selection. Applications are only accepted online. Find out how to apply for Title I tickets

Accessibility/Accomodation Services

    We will make every effort possible to provide the best experience for all of our patrons. Requests will be processed only after all tickets for the requesting party have been paid.

    On your order form:

    • Clearly designate that you require ADA/accessible services. 
    • Mark the type of ADA services and for how many. 
    • Tell us how many companion seats you need with each special needs student. 
    • It is your responsibility to request a sign language interpreter on your order form. A minimum of three work weeks prior to the performance is required to make these arrangements. We are working with companies from around the world.
    • Specify the class by teacher’s name and school.
    Students requiring special seating and accommodations will be seated on the orchestra level with at least one chaperone and a friend or two, but we cannot guarantee that they will be seated with their class.

    Hearing impaired students, chaperones, and sign language interpreters will be seated orchestra right in pre-approved seating with special lighting beside their chaperones and interpreters.

    Requests are handled on a show-by-show basis.

    If you are ordering for multiple shows, please indicate your needs for each show.


    • If an entire group wishes to sit together, all members of that must be present. Saving seats will not be possible.
    • Ushers will escort groups into the theater in order of their completed arrival at the hall. it will start on the orchestra level from the front (near the stage) proceeding to the rear and then progress to the balcony from the front to the rear.
    • If you wish to sit with another group, please wait and enter with them. We cannot hold seats.
    • A single class will not be separated. However, we cannot guarantee multiple classes from the same school will be together. Please have your chaperones enter with their class.
    • Finish all food, drink, and gum before entering the hall.
    • Only teacher's backpacks are allowed in the seating areas due to fire code.
    • Teachers and chaperones should be seated behind, within, and on the aisles of their charges; not with each other.
    • Strollers must remain in the lobby.
    • Refer to House Policies for more detailed information.  
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