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House Policies

Seating, safety, restricted items, and performance etiquette

Audrey's Tips for Seeing Schooltime Series Shows

Audrey shares some tips for kids going to see their first Schooltime Series show.

From Arrival to Show Time 


Schooltime performances are for children only, with the exception of teachers and chaperones.

For the safety and enjoyment of all our patrons, we ask that you follow our house policies. Review these with your students and chaperones before the show. 

  • UNM’s fire code prohibits standing in the aisles or the back. 
  • Students of all grades must always be chaperoned, including when visiting the restroom.
  • Everyone, regardless of age must have a ticket. Sorry, there are no lap passes.

Students at Popejoy-HP 1When you arrive at Popejoy:

  • Please look for the signs stating "Groups of 1 to 20" or "Groups of 20 or more" on the pillars outside the entrance.
  • Assemble near the appropriate sign and await instructions from an usher.
  • If an entire group wishes to sit together, all members of that group must be present. Saving seats will not be possible.
  • Ushers will escort all complete groups into the theater.
  • Seating is solely dependent on the order of arrival of a group. It will start on the orchestra level from the front (near the stage) proceeding to the rear and then progress to the balcony from the front to the rear.
  • Groups cannot choose their seats regardless of the size. The only exceptions to this policy will be for patrons with special needs.

Please note:

  • Teachers and chaperones should be behind, within, and on the aisles of their charges, not all together.
  • Our fire code prohibits backpacks, lunches, or other such articles from entering the theater. There are a few storage bins available in the lobby area. No coats or outdoor wear may be placed in these bins. Popejoy assumes no responsibility for anything left in the lobby areas.

Students at Popejoy-HP 2For the safety of our precious little ones, UNM requests school identifiers.

  • School identifiers give us a quick and easy way to reunite lost or un-chaperoned students with their group. Examples of suitable identifiers include: matching T-shirts, headbands, hats, lanyards, and/or school badges.
  • Immediately report a separated child to the nearest usher, who will notify management.
  • The kiosk in the lobby is our rendezvous point, should a child become separated. Staff will search for and bring any un-chaperoned children to the kiosk before looking for the responsible party.


Learning appropriate social behaviors is one benefit of attending Schooltime. These “House Rules” are the same for both children and adults.

Download and print a poster of Theater Etiquette (PDF)

Please post and discuss with your students before the performance.

  • Patrons should remove hats or caps when inside.
  • Finish and properly dispose of your food, drinks, and gum before entering the theater.
  • Photography, video, cell phones, gaming devices or recordings of any kind are prohibited during the performances. Theater personnel will ask anyone violating this requirement to leave the hall
  • Students at Popejoy-HP 3Crying babies and other loud noises disrupt the show. Please be considerate and leave the hall during these periods. You may still enjoy the show in the lobby via our large screen monitors. Note: Children cannot be left without a chaperone at any time.
  • Some shows are interactive and request responses from the audience; some are not. Discuss with your class how they can know the difference, and what is appropriate conduct in a theater.
  • During a musical or other music performance, it is appropriate to clap at the end of a song. During a ballet or dance performance, it is appropriate to clap at the end of the number. 
  • At the end of the show, after the applause, please remain in your seats until our House Manager dismisses you.
  • If you plan to stay for the Question & Answer session, please remain in your seats until the house clears, then move down towards the stage.

We are looking forward to hosting a wonderful and exciting season with you and your class!


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