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Field Trip Checklist for Public Schools

This is a general outline for preparing to attend Schooltime shows. Check with your district or school for specific applicable policies and deadlines.

Field Trip Checklist

After choosing the show(s) you will be attending, coordinating with other teachers for bus sharing opportunities, and placing your reservation(s) online:

Send us an email to join Schooltime's mailing list. Receive monthly newsletters with show highlights, field trip tips, and helpful campus information. 

Visit prior to your trip. We will post updated information about each show there.


  • Field Trip or Activity Trip Form
  • Trip Justification Form
  • Activity Trip Insurance Form (If required)
  • Permission Slips
  • Bus and/or Car Parking Passes Parking Permits for the UNM campus
  • Arrange for chaperones
  • Bring your scannable ticket (hard or electronic copy) with you to Popejoy



  • Familiarize the class with the show by using the company teaching guide.
  • Review field trip and theatre etiquette with all attendees
  • Have the class watch Audrey's Tips for Seeing the Schooltime Series Shows as you familiarize them with the House Policies and Seating Information 


Enjoy the show!

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