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Pizza pARTy Art Contest

The Schooltime Series Pizza pARTy Art Contest!

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We all want to bring out the best in children and recognize each child’s individual strengths. That’s exactly what the arts do. Creating a piece of art after seeing a Schooltime performance anchors the student’s experience and builds on it. Drawing allows students to illustrate what stood out to them, express their emotions, and utilize problem-solving and non-verbal communication skills as they make choices about how to convey a snapshot of a story. It is an opportunity for creativity, class discussion, and self-expression.

Submissions from all PreK – 12 students are welcome! Popejoy will select a winner for each Schooltime show from the artwork submitted by the deadline. Dion’s is partnering with us again this year by providing a great prize the kids will recognize—delicious pizza delivered to your classroom for up to 35 people or a homeschool party for up to 20 people at your local Dion’s restaurant. 

In May, we will choose a grand prize winner who will be awarded a certificate valued up to $40 at any Dion’s and four tickets to a Broadway show at Popejoy Hall.


Art Contest WinnerDo not have students write personal information on the front of their pictures.

Include the following permanently on the back of each submission:

  • Name of show
  • School’s name
  • Grade (If PreK include age)
  • Artist’s name (If you do not want the last name used, just provide a last initial) 
  • Teacher’s name and e-mail address. We will contact you about how to best notify the student and his/her family. 

Note: Make sure the writing does not bleed through to the picture side.

The art submissions are sorted many times in the voting process. Not including the above information permanently on each piece will lead to disqualification if we cannot identify the artist and contact the teacher.

On the back of the submission or on a separate sheet of paper, tell us what your student did or said about the show experience. Older students may do this themselves. 

Winner Drawing


Art submissions must be no larger than an 8.5” x 11” sheet of UNLINED paper. Color in the art reproduces more successfully than black/white and is almost always given higher marks by judges.

The return address must be on the envelope. Responses from an entire class may be placed into one envelope but still require the individual information required above. 

Envelopes are available at the performances or you may use your own. Popejoy does not pay the postage.

Please note: We do not return submissions. They become a part of Popejoy Hall’s Schooltime Series and may be used for marketing purposes as illustrations of the program. 

Mail entries to: 

Schooltime Series Art, Popejoy Hall, MSC 04 2580, 1 University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM, 87131

Submission Deadlines:  Art Contest Winner 3

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