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The Boy Who Could Sing Pictures

Presented by David Gonzalez

The Boy Who Could Sing Pictures

Performance Dates

  • Tue. Feb. 18, 2020 10:00 am
  • Tue. Feb. 18, 2020 12:00 pm

About The Show

Enhanced with keen musicality, elegant physicality, and videography, master storyteller David Gonzalez showcases two stories about empowering the voices of young people. In The Boy Who Could Sing Pictures, we meet Luca, who discovers that when he sings, spectacular pictures appear in the sky that reflect the truth of the world and people around him. In Nina Nails It, based on a Persian tale, a savvy girl teaches a wizard where his true heart resides. 

  • Payment Due: Friday, January 17, 2020
  • Grades: 1 – 5
  • Curriculum Connections: Performing & Visual Arts/Theatre, Music; Community Values; English Language Arts/Communication; Emotional and Social Learning
  • Q & A: After the 12 PM performance
  • Art Contest: Submissions are due Friday, March 6, 2020

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