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Osebo’s Drum or How the Turtle Got Its Shell

Performed by Robbi Kumalo & Friends

Osebo’s Drum or How the Turtle Got Its Shell

About The Show

Drumming, movement, and singing by Parents’ Choice Award-winning storyteller Robbi Kumalo brings the West African folk tale to vivid life on stage. The story, accented by two djembe drummers and lots of audience participation, is an amusing tale of a little turtle named Akukiegie who outwits the fierce leopard Osebo to get the cat’s djembe drum for the Sky-God Nyame. The little turtle is rewarded with a hard shell, a home of his own to carry on his back wherever he goes. Children will delight in a story where cleverness and wits are more powerful than size or strength.

  • Payment Due: Friday, December 15, 2017
  • Grades: K – 6
  • Curriculum Connections: Music, Multi-Cultural Studies, Global Studies, Language Arts
  • Q & A: after the 12:15pm show

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