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How I Became A Pirate

Dallas Children’s Theater

How I Became A Pirate

Past Performances

  • Thu. Jan. 25, 2018 12:15 pm
  • Thu. Jan. 25, 2018 10:15 am

About The Show

AARRRGH! Sail off on a swashbuckling musical excursion as young Jeremy Jacobs joins Captain Braid Beard’s band of comical pirates and searches for the perfect spot to bury their treasure. Jeremy finds fun and adventure on the high seas, but he soon learns that home and family are treasures you can't find on any map. Based on the popular book, the production includes terrific songs like “Green Teeth,” “I'm Really Just a Sensitive Guy,” “Talk Like a Pirate,” “Pirates Dot Arrgh,” and more!

  • Payment Due: Friday, December 8, 2017
  • Grades: K - 4
  • Curriculum Connections: English Language Arts, Emotional/Social Development, Performing & Visual Arts
  • Q & A: After the 12:15 pm show

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